Release: January 01, 1992

The dam where Thumbelina and her father live is breaking due to the rising waters in the nearby pond. Father worries that when spring comes, the melting snows will rise the water higher than ever causing the dam to crack and water to flow over the meadow, thus drowning the little people who live there. Father believes he is too old to take on the journey to find the prince and warn him and his people, so he asks his daughter to go instead. Thumbelina agrees, but in her journey she mets a great deal of characters, both good and evil. To someone not bigger than a human's thumb, dealing with the evil intentions of Mona, a greedy mouse, will prove to be a big challenge.

Thumbelina: "The wolves were running from them?"
Big Bear: "So, What? What you did took courage. No one could have a better friend than you."
Thumbe: "You really think so?"
Thumbelina: "Strange. Every time I fall asleep, I wake up in a different place."
Mr. Mole: "Hello Mona, Thumbelina. Humph! I've been visiting so often I thought It would be easier just to dig a tunnel between my house and yours."
Mona: "[to Thumbe] See? I told you he's crazy about you."
Fox: "Well, look'a what we got here. You must be the farmer's wife."
Thumbelina: "Thanks for helping me up,… but Why on Earth would you think I'm the farmers wife?"
Fox: "Because the farmer who owns this here farm has such a small harvest. I figured you went and shrunk up from lack of food."
Thumbelina: "You're not going to eat me for dinner, are you?"
Fox: "Well. I wouldn't exactly call you a dinner. I'd call a chicken a dinner; I'd call a rabbit a dinner; but you barely qualify for the morsel category, so I wouldn't worry too much."
Thumbelina: "Oh, don't hurt me. I'm a very small girl."
Frog: "Start thinking wedding bells, honey. You're going to be walking down the aisle."
Thumbelina: "Look. I'm sure you're nice and…; I'm sure your son's nice. For a frog. But… There's a whole kingdom of Little People depending on me. So… If you'll just help me be on my way…"
Thumbelina: "[to herself] Oh. This is terrible. How will I ever get to the meadow?"
Thumbelina: "Oh. You saved me! How can I ever thank you?"
Blue Fish: "You don't happen to have any works, do 'ya?"
Thumbe: "No, but…"
Blue Fish: "Are you sure she's not a bug?"
Red Fish: "Nah. Let's bail."
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