Release: February 01, 1985

A computer programmer/enthusiast Paul Bradford (Jeffery Byron), and his girlfriend Gwen (Leslie Wing), get sucked into another world where a sorcerer named Mestema, known as "The Dungeonmaster" (Richard Moll), has them interact in seven different scenarios/riddles to see who can survive. They must figure out how to escape from each scenario. In most cases the riddle's solution involves zapping things with Bradford's wristband computer X-CaliBR8. The movie begins with Paul, a skilled computer programmer who uses a neural interface he has developed to link his mind with his advanced home PC called X-CaliBR8. He uses X-CaliBR8 to scam money from ATM machines and do other tricks like change traffic lights. The computer has been given a female persona and a jealous Gwen thinks Paul has become more interested in his computer than her. It appears that some dark intelligence has been observing Paul and Gwen's difficult relationship and pulls them both into a computer generated world. The being then puts Paul to the test to see if he is worthy of Gwen. If he wins the game, they will both be freed, but if he should lose, he forfeits Gwen's soul. Offered nothing more than a wrist-mounted version of his trusty computer X-CaliBR8, Paul has little choice but to accept the challenge. Throughout the movie's various segments, Paul must avoid a rock-throwing giant and some evil dwarves, enter a "land of the dead" to destroy zombies, save Gwen from a murderous heavy-metal band during the making of a twisted music video, enter a strange world to fight ice people, battle a cave monster, save Gwen from a night-stalking serial killer, race against post-apocalyptic mutants in a road-warrior battle, then face Mestima for a final showdown to save Gwen.

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