Release: October 23, 1941
Release: October 23, 1941

Everyone's favorite elephant with big ears flies onto the big screen! With encounters such as the jeers of fellow circus participants, a few spectators, and being demoted to a clown, Dumbo soon learns how to believe in himself with the help of his loyal friend, Timothy Mouse. A true classic for all ages!

10 years, 5 months ago
Yah this movie is from 1941 not 1976!!!! This movie is great and everything but seriously, who put this here?!
    10 years, 10 months ago
    I love this movie Im 17 andi still watch it but somethings wrong here the movie was released in 1941 not 1976.
      11 years ago
      4 words: BEST DISNEY MOVIE EVER.
        15 years ago
        I think this was the firt cartoon movie i watched that i remember watching. It is soo cute. im 14 and still watch it.
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