Purojekuto A-ko
Release: January 01, 1986

Graviton City, just sixteen years after a meteor destroyed it has been rebuilt and is a booming metropolis. A-Ko and her ditzy friend/side kick C-ko have just moved to this city. A-ko is your average 17 year old, except for the fact she is super strong, super fast and an excellent fighter (Her parents Clark and Diana are very proud). A-ko and C-ko are attending the prestigous Graviton High School for Girls. It is at this school they meet B-ko, a genious spoiled brat daughter of a local business tycoon. B-ko decided she wants C-ko as her friend and so A-ko need to be gotten rid of. Mecha and power suits are thrown at A-ko in hopes of destorying her. All the while a mysteious space ship is heading for Earth.

B-ko: "[B-ko works on her new invention] It's perfect... Perfect! A-ko, you're going to die... die... DIE!"
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