Krush Groove
Release: October 25, 1985
Release: October 25, 1985

Russell (Blair Underwood), a manager of struggling rap artists, borrows money from villain Jay in order to make ends meet. But after his clients become successful, Russell can't pay back the loan -- much to Jay's consternation. A groovy musical about a struggling record company in a large city, this cult classic explores the 1980s New York hip-hop underground via the music of Sheila E., Run DMC

2 years, 6 months ago
Krush Groove ~ the year was 1985 and the movie rocked the house...8 Mile was good but I think the Em is bit Emo and really think he needs a decent therapist. Krush Groove and Krush Groove 2 were happy and healthy movies that I can watch over and over and the way (you spelled it Grove ha, ha, ha)
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      14 years ago
      One of the best Hip Hop movies ever made. A semi-biographical tale of how Russel Simmons started Def Jam, starring RUN DMC, JEKYLL AND HYDE, LL COOL J, RICK RUBIN, KURTIS BLOW, THE FAT BOYS, NEW EDITION, and THE BEASTIE BOYS.
        2 years, 8 months ago
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