The Swan Princess: Escape from Castle Mountain
Release: August 18, 1997
Release: August 18, 1997

The first wedding anniversary of Princess Odette and Prince Derek is distracted by field fires set by Knuckles. His master Clavius, wants to conquer the world, and he needs to capture a giant orb to do that. Clavius kidnaps Queen Uberta and Odette with Derek have to save her.

Jean-Bob: "This is not happening. It's a conspiracy. I was a prince, I tell you! A prince! -Jean-Bob"
Jean-Bob: "Hey, you out there! Quit smooching and tell me something. Did you or did you not see me as a prince in the mountain! -Jean-Bob"
Bridget Jean-Bob: "' Rock rock! Rock rock!' 'She's calling a rock! We're doomed!' -Bridget Jean-Bob"
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