Continental Divide
Release: September 18, 1981

Ernie Souchak (John Belushi) is a Chicago newspaper man known for stirring up controversy. He's sent to Wyoming for his own safety after a very controversial story. Up on the mountains, he befriends an environmentalist named Nell Porter (Blair Brown)...Well, it isn't friendship at first, but eventually, they form a romance. Can it survive when they come from 2 different worlds? This was the first movie from Steven Spielberg's famed production company Amblin Entertainment, and it was a great way to start off.

Ernie: "It's so quiet up here, you could hear a mouse get a hard on."
Ernie: "I know what I wrote. I was there when I wrote it."
Ernie: "The air was thin. She was average cute. She was the only girl up there. The air was thin!"
Ernie: "I've never seen such big balls...And I'm from Chicago."
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