Grumpier Old Men
Release: December 22, 1995
Release: December 22, 1995

Six months have passed since John Gustafson married Ariel Truax. And now an Itallian women named Maria Raggeti and her mother have moved to town and plan on taking over Chuck's Bait Shop and turn it into an Italian Restraunt called Ragetti's. John Gustafson and Max Goldmen try to stop Maria and her mother from opening their new restraunt until John apologizes to Maria for all he has done, and until Max falls deeply in love with Maria. Will this relationship between Max Goldmen and Maria Ragetti work out? Find out in the sequil of Grumpy Old Men.

Maria and Max: "Maria: OX! Max: NEG! -Maria and Max"
John and Max: "John: MORON! Max: PUTZ! -John and Max"
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