The Four Diamonds
Release: January 01, 1995
Release: January 01, 1995

TV Movie Based on the true story of Chris Mallard who died in 1972 from cancer. The story around which the film revolves was written by him while he was ill. Young Christopher Millard fantasizes about being a squire of the Round Table and studies the stars. But when his difficulty breathing turns out to be caused by a tumor, his fantasies turn into a means to battle the disease. Chemotherapy eats his summer and instead of writing the standard "What I did during my summer vacation", his teacher lets him write a fictional story, and Chris makes characters from the people around him. As Chris battles with doctor, treatments, and the illness, Squire Millard goes on a quest against an evil sorceress to gain the four diamonds of Courage, Wisdom, Honesty, and Strength: qualities that Chris himself attains as his health fails.

12 years, 6 months ago
I loved this movie. It was very moving for me and my children. Does anyone know how I can get a copy?
    14 years, 7 months ago
    I remember watching this when it aired on Disney. Quite a good production if I remember. I need to look into finding a copy somewhere.
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