Shock Treatment
Release: October 30, 1981
Release: October 30, 1981

ROCKY HORROR's Brad (Cliff DeYoung) and Janet Majors (Jessica Harper) find themselves trapped in a TV studio world. After Brad is committed to the mental hospital on "Dentonvale," his captors convince Janet that the only way to help him is to become a star herself. But sinister mogel Farley Flavors may be pulling the strings on the network's rising stars. This bizarre, little-known follow-up to THE ROCKY HORROR PICTURE SHOW boasts a lot of the same cast members (as different characters), good music, and some biting satire, inside jokes and stabs at the cult of Rocky Horror. Unfortunately, its subject matter and themes are completely different -- and Tim Curry was unable to take a role in the film, which helped to secure its lack of success. The film has had several releases on video and laserdisc, and now it's out on DVD.

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