The Beautician and the Beast
Release: February 07, 1997

Fran Drescher takes on her first movie role as a New York City beautician who is hired, under the false assumption that she is a science teacher, to tutor the four children of a dictator of a fictional Eastern European nation, played by Timothy Dalton. The film deals with the theme of cultural differences, and takes inspiration from other stories like Beauty and the Beast, The King and I, Evita, and The Sound of Music.

Boris: "What a nice man that hermit was. I didn't even know I had a hermit."
Boris Pochenko: "Oh my, call an ambulance! She doesn't know what to say!"
Boris Pochenko: "I don't know where anything is in this kitchen"
Joy Miller: "Oh come on, I can find food in Ghandi's house, are you kidding me?"
Joy Miller: "OK, a lot of great men had mustaches. Hitler, Franco..."
Boris Pochenko: "Einstein!"
Joy Miller: "Oh, and that's who you wanna look like?"
Joy Miller: "Put on your sunblock because it's rays today, raisins tomorrow."
Joy Miller: "In our country we can marry who we want. I decided on John Kennedy Jr., and while he's in denial, I'll travel."
Joy Miller: "It's like Paris 50 years ago."
Judy Miller: "There were Nazis in Paris 50 years ago."
Ira: "I thought you thought science"
Joy Miller: "teach it I did not even past it"
Joy Miller: "Talk to the hand!"
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