Homeward Bound II: Lost in San Francisco
Release: March 08, 1996

Two dogs and a cat, separated from their human family, must find their way home and face the dangers of a big city for the first time in this adventure story for the whole family. Bob Seaver (Robert Hays) and his wife Laura (Kim Greist), who live in Northern California, are taking their kids on a camping vacation in Canada, and they're bringing along their pets spunky bulldog Chance (voice of Michael J. Fox), self-centered Himalayan cat Sassy (voice of Sally Field), and wise old Golden Retriever Shadow (voice of Ralph Waite, replacing the late Don Ameche). However, Chance doesn't like being cooped up in his travelling cage at the airport, and when he escapes, Sassy and Shadow follow him to the nearest city, San Francisco. After a scary night on their own, the trio are befriended by a gang of stray dogs and cats who have learned to live on their own after running away from their cruel masters. However, Chance, Sassy, and Shadow soon realize that life on the streets is not for them, and they set out to find the Seaver house they call home. Inspired from the Twentieth Century Fox film 'Home Alone 2: Lost in New York', second unit director David R. Ellis made his feature directorial debut from the script by Chris Hauty and Julie Hickson (1983's 'Hensel and Gretel'); based on development by Caroline Thompson and Linda Woolverton, upon characters from Sheila Burnford's novel "The Incredible Journey". Sports fans take note: Bob Uecker, Tommy Lasorda, and Al Michaels appear as themselves and also provide the voices of their pets.

Hope: "Alright its time for kitty soccer! (Chance kicking and shoving Sassy who is laying on a rug). Sassy!!!"
[Chance is running downstairs as he smells the donuts on the table]: "Yes it is donuts, deep-fried and doughed... i'll just lick it..."
Hope: "yuck!"
Laura: "Uh-Uh Chance you had your food."
Chance: "I wasn't scared. I wasn't scared one wee little...*tingles* ...bit. -Chance"
Chance: "I'd always heard love hurts. I never knew it could hurt this much. It's like getting a bath and missing dinner and going to the vet all rolled up into one."
Delilah and Chance: ""I'm Delilah, Chance." "Delilah Chance? Wow, your last name is the same as my first name!" -Delilah and Chance"
Chance: "Jamie? Is that you? Wait, what am I talking about? Of course, it's you! -Chance"
Chance: "I meant to do that. -Chance"
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