Don't Bother to Knock
Release: July 18, 1952
Release: July 18, 1952

One night in a New York hotel, airline pilot Jed Towers gets the air from his chanteuse girlfriend Lyn Lesley. Meanwhile, the Joneses, guests at the hotel, need a baby-sitter, and elevator operator Eddie recommends his shapely niece Nell. Jed sees Nell through his window, gets acquainted, and becomes increasingly aware that this disturbed, spooky woman is the last person Mrs. Jones should have entrusted with her daughter.

Nell Forbes: "Chauffeur is so miracle"
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Jed Towers: "Does that mean come on over?"
Nell Forbes: "Yes. If you like."
Jed Towers: "Two minutes."
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Jed Towers: "Why didn't you tell me you were working here?"
Nell Forbes: "I'm not. I'm just doing it for tonight."
Jed Towers: "Yeah, I know. You're an heiress. Tomorrow morning, you'll ride through your estate side saddled."
Nell Forbes: "She made you say that!"
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Jed Towers: "I said"
Lyn Lesley: "I still like to laugh. But not at myself. I just don't want any of it any more. Life's too long."
Jed Towers: "Alright, I'll send you a valentine. What do you want? Hearts and flowers? Forever and ever? Love?"
Lyn Lesley: "Don't be afraid to say it. It's not a dirty word."
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Lyn Lesley: "Go back to Chicago. Find another bar. Find another girl."
Jed Towers: "And find another wedding ring? Marriage isn't the answer to everything you know."
Lyn Lesley: "Who's talking about marriage?"
Jed Towers: "Weren't you?"
Lyn Lesley: "No. But I'm sure that's all you thought I had on my mind. That's where you're wrong. That's just the point. I wouldn't want to marry you."
Jed Towers: "Why not?"
Lyn Lesley: "It's something to do with the way you are."
Janey: "They're all finished Mr. We got a new process that develops them right away."
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Jed Towers: "Are you alright?"
Ruth Jones: "Yes."
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Rochelle: "I'm frightened! I think something's happened!"
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Jed Towers: "Are you the girl in 809?"
Nell Forbes: "Why, yes. Who's this?"
Jed Towers: "I'm the guy in 821. Across the court. Can I ask you a question?"
Nell Forbes: "I don't know. I suppose so. Are you sure you want me?"
Jed Towers: "Yeah. You're the one I want, alright. Are you doing anything you couldn't be doing better with somebody else?"
Nell Forbes: "I guess I'll have to hang up!"
Jed Towers: "Why? You cant get hurt on the telephone."
Nell Forbes: "Who are you?"
Jed Towers: "I told you. The man across the way. A lonely soul."
Nell Forbes: "You sound peculiar."
Jed Towers: "I'm not peculiar. I'm just frustrated. I got a bottle of rye. And as I waas saying, what are you doing?"
Nell Forbes: "What's your name?"
Jed Towers: "Billy."
Nell Forbes: "Oh..."
Jed Towers: "What's the matter? Don't you like Billy?"
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Nell Forbes: "You look so different in those clothes."
Eddie Forbes: "I'm different all the time."
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