Release: June 21, 2002
Release: June 21, 2002

Dahmer is a 2002 American biographical true crime horror film directed by David Jacobson. It stars Jeremy Renner as Jeffrey Dahmer, a serial killer in Wisconsin. There are two timelines in the film. The "present" runs in ordinary chronological order covering the period of one-to-two days; the flashbacks are in reverse order, as Dahmer is seen as successively younger until the film arrives at his first murder and the aftermath.

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Jeffrey Dahmer: "Hey, you know how I said that my parents were on vacation?"
Lance Bell: "Uh-huh."
Jeffrey Dahmer: "I was lying."
Lance Bell: "They comin' home now?"
Jeffrey Dahmer: "No, that's not it. They're dead."
Lance Bell: "They're dead? Bummer, man."
Jeffrey Dahmer: "Yeah. They were going on vacation in a plane. I stayed here to finish school. The plane went down."
Lance Bell: "When?"
Jeffrey Dahmer: "Last month."
Lance Bell: "So what're you gonna do?"
Jeffrey Dahmer: "I... I don't know."
Lance Bell: "Yeah..."
Jeffrey Dahmer: "[smiles] I'm just fuckin' with you."
Lance Bell: "[laughs] Jerk."
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Jeffrey Dahmer: "If your eyes were closed, and someone went down on you, do you think you'd know the difference if it was a guy or a girl?"
Lance Bell: "I'm not into guys, if that's what you mean."
Jeffrey Dahmer: "How can you be sure?"
Lance Bell: "Because I know."
Jeffrey Dahmer: "From experience or just 'cause you always heard it was wrong?"
Lance Bell: "Don't give me that shit. It's just the way you are."
Jeffrey Dahmer: "Well, just for argument's sake then, just..."
Lance Bell: "It'd be different because you'd be thinking it was a guy, and then you wouldn't be turned on by it."
Jeffrey Dahmer: "But what if it were completely dark and you couldn't see anything? How could you be sure?"
Lance Bell: "I guess it wouldn't matter. But so what? When am I gonna be in some dark room with some invisible guy."
Jeffrey Dahmer: "It's kind of close-minded?"
Lance Bell: "Why do I have to have sex with guys to be open-minded?"
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Jeffrey Dahmer: "You must be harboring a lot of anger inside."
Rodney: "I'm not angry inside, all right?"
Jeffrey Dahmer: "I think you are. I think you act all sweet and innocent, but it's only to cover up how you wanna kill people."
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Title Card: "[first lines] On February 15, 1992 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Jeffrey Lionel Dahmer was convicted of 15 counts of murder and sentenced to 937 years of federal prison. The following story was inspired by events from his life. Certain characters and events are fictional."
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Jeffrey Dahmer: "So what happens when your cousin gets back?"
Rodney: "Well... well, we just gonna hang out here for a while until he get finished and then probably go out and, you know, party or something."
Jeffrey Dahmer: "You, uh... d'ya wanna come back to my place and maybe have a few beers?"
Rodney: "[slowly contemplating] A'ight. Yeah. Okay. That's cool. Where you live?"
Jeffrey Dahmer: "I live right nearby."
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Jeffrey Dahmer: "I am a pervert. I'm an exhibitionist. I'm a masturbator. And a killer... like you."
Rodney: "[scoffs] You see? You can't be honest one bit. You always have to bullshit."
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Title Card: "[last lines] After serving two years of his life sentence, Jeffrey Dahmer was attacked and killed by another inmate. He died on November 28, 1994, at the age of 34."
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Jeffrey Dahmer: "You think you're a rebel don't you?"
Lance Bell: "Not really."
Jeffrey Dahmer: "Okay. What's your favorite movie?"
Lance Bell: "Bonnie and Clyde."
Jeffrey Dahmer: "Okay. Your favorite band?"
Lance Bell: "Lynyrd Skynyrd."
Jeffrey Dahmer: "What do you think of police?"
Lance Bell: "Don't like 'em."
Jeffrey Dahmer: "Well, it's pretty obvious you're a rebel. You're against the establishment."
Lance Bell: "Yeah, maybe I am?"
Jeffrey Dahmer: "So, why don't you see that having sex with only girls is following the most fascist social lie of them all?"
Lance Bell: "Clyde Barrow broke every law there was, including killing people. He did not fuck guys."
Jeffrey Dahmer: "I read he did. They just wouldn't put that in a movie."
Lance Bell: "It's SUCH bullshit."
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Khamtay: "Why would you buy me those?"
Jeffrey Dahmer: "Because I like to do nice things for people. Makes me feel good about myself."
Khamtay: "Are you some kind of nut?"
Jeffrey Dahmer: "That's sad."
Khamtay: "What?"
Jeffrey Dahmer: "That we've gotten to a point where doing nice things for people is considered insane."
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Jeffrey Dahmer: "You know what the cross was, don't you?"
Rodney: "Yeah, where Jesus died, right?"
Jeffrey Dahmer: "A torture device... used to kill criminals. So when you pray to it, it's like praying to an electric chair, or a guillotine."
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