Release: December 15, 1962
Release: December 15, 1962

The First James Bond Adventure starring Sean Connery based on the Ian Fleming novel. James Bond is sent to Jamaica to investigate the death of a British agent. The trail leads him to Dr. No,a member of SPECTRE(Special Executive for Counter-intelligence, Terrorism, Revenge and Extortion) who is plotting to disrupt an early American space launch with an atomic powered radio beam.

Dr. No: "The Americans are fools. I offered my services, they refused. So did the East. Now they can both pay for their mistake."
James Bond: "World domination. The same old dream. Our asylums are full of people who think they're Naploeon. Or God."
James Bond: "Both hands on the wheel, Mr. Jones, I'm a very nervous passenger. James Bond"
Sylvia Trench: "Trench. Sylvia Trench. I admire your luck, Mr...?"
James Bond: "Bond. James Bond."
Worker: "What happened?"
James Bond: "I think they were on their way to a funeral!"
Miss Taro: "What should I say to an invitation from a strange gentleman?"
James Bond: "You should say yes."
Miss Taro: "[shaking her head] I should say maybe"
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