Don't Be Afraid of the Dark
Release: October 10, 1973
Release: October 10, 1973

Sally and Alex Farnham (Kim Darby and Jim Hutton) are a happily married couple that inherit a grand looking country mansion from Sally’s late grandmother. Being urbanites, the Farnhams slowly adjust to country living as they begin to remodel their new home. All seems normal and well until Sally one day finds a hidden room and opens up a walled off fireplace inside – which hides a sinister secret. Hard-headed Alex insists Sally is just cracking up when she sees things that aren’t there, hears voices, finds broken items, and has her dinner napkin tugged on from underneath the table. A surly, stern handyman (William Demarest) working on the house warns Sally not to take these things lightly – angering Alex and only confusing Sally more, whilst their friend Joan (Barbara Anderson) tries to offer level-headed advice and comfort throughout Sally’s ordeal. But unbeknownst to them all, demon-like creatures inhabit the house, which have one intention – to force Sally to join them in perpetual hell. A cool, creepy, made for television classic, which is way under-appreciated and largely obscure.

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