Robot Monster
Release: June 25, 1953
Release: June 25, 1953

An evil alien known as Ro-Man has completely wiped out the human race except for eight survivors. The survivors (included a family of 5, two space pilots and a scientist) have built immunity to Ro-Man death ray known as the Calcinator. Ro-Man is determined to destroy the humans and to finally have complete conquest of Earth however he has fallen for the human female known as Alice (the daughter of the surviving family) and refuses to finish the task despite the will of his alien leader known as "The Great Guidance". However "The Great Guidance" has no intention of on giving up on their conquest of Earth. Directed by Phil Tucker and the film were originally in 3-D. The film also made an appearance on the show Mystery Science Theater 3000 in its first Season on Comedy Central (known as the The Comedy Channel at the time). The film has also been referenced and been shown in many movies, TV shows and music videos as well.

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