Raggedy Ann & Andy: A Musical Adventure
Release: April 01, 1977

Raggedy Ann and her brother Raggedy Andy with the help of their new friend The Camel with the Wrinkled Knees must save Babette, a homesick French doll, from a lovesick pirate called "The Captain".

Ann: "Please. You're not *so* short. Koo-Koo"
Captain: "Woman is fickle! [Queasy repeats what he said above]"
Raggedy Andy: "I sing my own Sweet Melody, I go my own Sweet way. I won't beg 'round tomorrow for the kind of affection that was free today. -Raggedy Andy"
Sir Leonard: "(King Koo-Koo kicks Sir Leonard) You just kicked a knight!!!!! -Sir Leonard"
Annie: "Paper dasies to explain. Sunshine always follows rain. -Annie"
Queasy: "Queasy: Douse the light! Douse the light! -Queasy"
Camel: "You're the best. -Camel"
Twin dolls: "Really scary. Really scary. Deep deep woods are really scary-ee...Wooooo-Woah! -Twin dolls"
Andy: "Raggedy Andy: Where's my foot? Oh, there it is. -Andy"
Wo-Wo Twins: "What's in the box? What's in the box? We gotta find out what's in the box. WOAH-WOAH! -Wo-Wo Twins"
Raggedy Ann: "Happy birthday marcella, from Paris...France. Contents: one...french...doll. -Raggedy Ann"
Ann Andy and Sir Leonard: "Ann/Andy: 'You...need...help.' Leonard: 'No. *you* need help!' -Ann Andy and Sir Leonard"
Ann: "Ann: I'm just a rag dolly. -Ann"
Raggedy Andy: "..I'm my own best boy and not some sugar and spicey, lacey and nicey sissy you're gonna enjoy! -Raggedy Andy"
The Camel: "How can you be anything but low-down, saggy and blue? -The Camel"
Raggedy Andy: "I'm no girl's toy! -Raggedy Andy"
Raggedy Andy: "Too many girls! -Raggedy Andy"
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