The Horror of Party Beach
Release: January 01, 1964

After a barrel of toxic waste is dropped into the ocean, monstrous creatures are created.They begin to to attack the popular beach area filled with bikers, teens and vacationers. As the attacks on the locals increase so do the amount of monsters being created. Hank Green, his girlfriend Elaine Gavin and her father ,Dr. Gavin, try to find a weakness before the body count rises. Directed and produced by Del Tenney. The movie also appeared on the show Mystery Science Theater 3000 episode 817.

Dr. Gavin: "Of course! This creature needs the ordinary necessities of human life - proteins, fats, sugars and so forth. But since his organs are so decomposed it needs the only food which can keep it alive."
Hank Green: "Blood?"
Dr. Gavin: "Human blood. If a human body - a drowned person - were attacked by tiny sea plants which became parasites and completely infiltrated that human body before it had a chance to decompose, would the body be considered dead or alive?"
Hank Green: "Dead?"
Dr. Gavin: "No - it's still alive. But it's changed into a - well, is it a plant or an animal?"
Hank Green: "It's both?"
Dr. Gavin: "It's a giant protozoa!"
Girl: "Do you believe that kissing is unhealthy?"
Boy: "I don't know. I've never been..."
Girl: "[interrupting] You've never been kissed?"
Boy: "No, I've never been sick."
Girl: "Johnny, I never let anyone kiss me like this before!"
Irving: "My name's not Johnny."
Girl: "Well, what is it?"
Irving: "Irving!"
Girl: "Irving?"
Girl: "What's in a name?"
Eulabelle: "It's the voodoo, Dr. Gavin. It's the voodoo, I tells ya!"
Elaine Gavin: "Hank!"
Hank Green: "Hello, darling. How's the leg?"
Elaine Gavin: "Oh, it's much better."
Hank Green: "I just saw your father, and he's been burned badly but he'll be fine."
Dr. Gavin: "Tina's death has affected a great many people... but it doesn't give you or anyone else the right to be discourteous."
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