Peanut Butter Solution
Release: December 15, 1985
Release: December 15, 1985

Girl sees something scary, looses hair, puts peanut butter on head, hair grows back... alot. That's all I remember. It was a boy actually named Michael and he got scared and lost his hair and then meets ghosts in his kitchen one night and they give him the Peanut Butter Solution. He puts it on his head and a lot of hair grows and grows and grows. It is magical hair. It is so long that one day that Mike's demented Art Teacher"The Senor" discovers that it is magic,kidnaps Michael and uses his hair to make paintbrushes that make paintings that you can go into. It was soooo cool. The Movie features The song"Listen To The Music Man"sung by A then up and coming singer named"CELINE DION"!

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