The Final Destination
Release: August 28, 2009
Release: August 28, 2009

Ten years after the explosion of Flight 180, nine years after the pileup on Route 23, and three years after the derailment of the Devil's Flight roller coaster, Nick O'Bannon visits the McKinley Speedway for a study break with his friends Lori Milligan, Janet Cunningham, and Hunt Wynorski. While watching the race, Nick has a premonition that multiple race cars will crash, sending debris into the stands and causing the stadium to collapse on the spectators. Nick persuades Lori, Janet, and Hunt, security guard George Lanter, and spectators Jonathan Groves (Jackson Walker), Andy Kewzer, Samantha Lane, Carter Daniels, and Nadia Monroy to leave the stadium, before the accident occurs. Once again, the survivors are killed in a series of bizarre accidents except Janet, who is rescued just moments before her death thanks to Nick's visions. This leads the remaining survivors to believe they have cheated Death until Nick has another premonition of a disastrous explosion at a shopping mall, which he manages to prevent, saving him, Lori, and Janet. Two weeks later, Nick realizes the mall disaster vision was only meant to lead them to where Death wanted them to be and they are all killed by a runaway semi-trailer truck.

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