The Adventures of Scamper the Penguin
Release: March 27, 1987

This movie is about the adventures of a youing penguin named Scamper and his friend Snowflake.

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Teacher penguin: "[gunshots are heard, she runs up] Help! We need help! The sailors, they've taken all the children!"
Gilbert: "Ohhh!"
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Gilbert: "[the seagulls come for the eggs] I knew as soon as they left the birds would attack!"
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Scamper: "Papa, those bad men, we have to stop them. They're catching penguins for the zoo!"
Gilbert: "They are? [turns to the parent penguins] They're trying to sell our children to the zoo! Come on! Let's stop them!"
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Gilbert: "[the sailors are stealing their children] You can't do this! We're never going to let you! [to the parents] Okay guys, come on!"
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Scamper: "Papa, that man and the dog saved my life."
Gilbert: "You're in enough trouble already, now go with your mother."
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Scamper: "[trying to get out of the cage] Let's see... if we could get that open..."
Louie: "That's a latch, and it's too high up, believe me I tried."
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Snowflake: "Oh no, what if we get split up and sold to different zoos? What could ever be worse? They can't take you from me, Scamper!"
Scamper: "Ah, that won't happen."
Louie: "That will happen and a lot worse! Unless we do something."
Scamper: "Okay then, we'll help, what should we do?"
Louie: "I don't know what we should do. We just have to escape somehow."
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Sailors: "[singing, voiceover] Don't let them get away, don't let them get away, they're worth a lot of money, don't let them get away."
Penguins: "We've gotta get away, we've gotta get away, won't like it in the zoo, we've gotta get away! We've gotta run and hide! We've gotta run and hide, if they take us to the zoo, they'll lock us up inside! We've gotta get away, we've gotta get away, don't like it in the zoo, we've gotta get away! We've got to stay ahead, we've gotta stay ahead, if they take us to the zoo we'll wish we were dead!"
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Whale: "Hello penguins!"
Scamper: "Could you give us a ride home? It would be our pleasure."
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Man: "[after a large wave destroys the ship and rocks the waters] Don't worry, Cowboy, a little water never hurt the penguins. [the penguings return to land]"
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Scamper: "Who are you?"
Louie: "That's Jack, they feed him and he watches us."
Jack: "It's my job."
Louie: "Get another job then! Don't work for these bad men, money's the only thing they care about!"
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Scamper: "Mama, how come I don't have brothers and sisters like everyone else?"
Gracie: "Well there are other families who only have one chick... there's the Grabies..."
Snowflake's mother: "Gracie... I'm sorry I couldn't help overhearing, as you know we only have one child as well. Scamper, I'd like you to meet our daughter, Snowflake."
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Gracie: "Oh Gilbert, you were so brave, you protected our eggs."
Snowflake's mother: "Oh how could you let this happen? You know you were supposed to be watching the nest!"
Snowflake's father: "I'm sorry dear, please, try to calm down."
Gilbert: "Grace, I can't tell a lie, I'm sorry, one of our eggs was taken by seagulls. [gathers up both eggs and takes them to to the other couple] Perhaps, one of these eggs belongs to you."
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