The Lion King II: Simba's Pride
Release: October 27, 1998
Release: October 27, 1998

In this movie, Kiara, Simba's daugther walks along herself and she meeting Kovu, Scar's heir. Kovu and Kiara be friendly but Simba, Kiara's father, and Zira, Scar's wife forbid their children to see each other.In the Outlands, Zira trains Kovu to kill Simba and take over his pride by getting on his good side through Kiara.After an attempted murder on Simba, Kovu is banned from the Pridelands. Later, Kiara sneaks off to the Outlands to see Kovu.The two lovers decide to unite the two prides before an all out war wipes them out forever. This movie proves that sometimes your worst enemies can become your best friends if you can only put your differences aside and work as one!

Kiara: "You will never be Mufasa! -Kiara"
Mufasa's spirit: "Well done, my son. We are one. -Mufasa's spirit"
Kovu and Pumbaa: "Kovu: What a blast! Pumbaa:Oops,sorry. -Kovu and Pumbaa"
Timon: "To Kovu: "You have to get out more often, fun, yehaw haha -Timon"
Timon: "Hey, hey, Pumbaa. Let me define 'baby sitting.' -Timon"
Timon and Pumbaa: "Timon: "When the going gets tough, the tough get going." Pumbaa: "Wait a minute. I thought our motto was 'Hakuna Matata.' " Timon: "Pumbaa, stop living in the past. we need a new motto! -Timon and Pumbaa"
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