Faerie Tale Theatre series on video
Release: December 15, 1982
Release: December 15, 1982

A series originally aired on showtime, this series is one of the best recreations of fairy tales that I have seen and features Robin Williams,Jeff Bridges,Mick Jagger,Christopher Reeve, Beverly D' Angelo,Elliott Gould,Malcolm Mcdowell,John Lithgow, Liza Minnelli,James Belushi, Paul Reubens,Vincent Price, Susan Sarandon, Christopher Lee,Frank Zappa,Jeff Goldblum, Billy Crystal, Eric Idle, Matthew Broderick, Leonard Nimoy James Earl Jones, Howie Mandel, Michael Richards,Teri Garr, Whew! and Carrie Fisher just to name a few. All of them and many more acting fairy tale roles. This series was also released on vhs by playhouse video/cbs-fox Which I remember renting at the video store as a kid. "...This Award-winning series deserves all the tribute it can get...A remarkable achievement!"- New York Times

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