Street Fighter II: The Animated Movie
Release: August 06, 1994

One of the greatest anime movies of all time, this little jem was brought to us from over seas. M.Bison is searching the world for the greatest fighters alive, so he can brain wash them and make them apart of the notorious terrorist organization known as Shadowlaw (not shadaloo). But there is a fighter he really wants to get his hands on. His name is Ryu. Ryu is a wandering fighter who is always looking for a challenge. Ryu's best friend is Ken Masters, the American Martial Arts Champion, and Bison's second target. When Ryu gets wind of shadowlaw,and finds out that they may have captured Ken, Ryu steps up and challenges Bison in a huge climactic battle. Also includes the infamous in home fight between Chun-Li and Vega. Guile plays the usual role of being the one to track down Bison. Other Characters appear as well.

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Guile: "You want Bison destroyed, don't ya? So, what's the problem? -Guile"
Ken: "I'll have your head... BISON! -Ken"
M. Bison: "You both seem bound and determined to meet destruction at my hands! So be it. I'll fight you on your own level! COME ON! -M. Bison"
Ken: "You don't hear very well! I won't take part in a street fight I said, got it? -Ken"
M. Bison: "You worthless pile of extrament. -M. Bison"
Sensei & Ken: "Ken, what do you see beyond your fist? Ken, awaken! *gasps* My fate. -Sensei & Ken"
T. Hawk: "You were known as a skilled fighter and won many titles in your time. I seek glory and honor by defeating a warrior such as yourself! -T. Hawk"
Ryu: "SHORYUKEN!!! -Ryu"
Dhalsim: "Have you ever felt the fighting spirit of another? -Dhalsim"
Balrog: "I'm a welcome wagon and it's nice to meet you, friend. -Balrog"
Chun-Li: "Hey, brush-head! This is not a request! -Chun-Li"
Guile: "Now move your cute little butt before I run it over! -Guile"
Vega: " beautiful face is ruined. You witch! I'LL MAKE YOU SUFFER!! -Vega"
E. Honda: "Oh, god I can't take it! I better kill this nut before I kill myself! -E. Honda"
M. Bison: "Any man strong enough to beat the crap out of Sagat is a man I want found. -M. Bison"
Ryu: "I'll show you action!! -Ryu"
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