Raiders Of The Lost Ark
Release: June 12, 1981

The year is 1936 and after recovering the golden idol, an archieoligist and college teacher, Indiana Jones, is sent out by the U.S. goverment to find the Ark of the Covenent. Indy teams up with his old pal, Sallah, and a former girlfriend, Marion Ravenwood. Indy fights Nazis, chases cars with a horse, and fights snakes and boy, does he hate snakes!

Indiana Jones: "Snakes. Why did it have to be snakes?"
Indiana Jones: "It's not the years, honey, it's the mileage."
Indy: "Adios, Satipo. [As he goes, he looks back at a giant bolder and runs away from it until his escape.]"
Indy: "Give me the whip."
Satipo: "Adios, Senor."
Indy: "I don't know. I'm making this up as I go."
Rene Belloq: "Dr. Jones, again we see that there's nothing you can possess that I can not take away. -Rene Belloq"
Belloq: "Who knows... In a thousand years even YOU may be worth something. -Belloq"
Indy and Jack the pilot: "Indy - There's a BIG snake in the cockpit, Jack! Jack - Oh, that's just my pet snake, Reggie. Indy - I hate snakes, Jack! I HATE 'EM!!! -Indy and Jack the pilot"
Indy and Pedro: "(Pedro) - There's nothing there, Senior. We have nothing to fear! (Indy) - That's what I'm afraid of... -Indy and Pedro"
Marian: "(in basket) "HEY!! I'M AN AMERICAN!!! YOU CAN'T DO THIS TO ME!!!" -Marian"
Herr Mac: "We meet again Fraulein! -Herr Mac"
Dr Jones: "SNAKES - I hate snakes. -Dr Jones"
Indy and Saul: "Their staff is to tall. They are digging in the wrong place!! -Indy and Saul"
Beloch: "Who knows Indianna Jones one day you may be priceless -Beloch"
Saul: "Bad dates! -Saul"
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