Overnight Delivery
Release: April 07, 1998
Release: April 07, 1998

Wyatt Trips is adjusting to life as a college freshman and being a thousand miles away from his high school sweetheart, Kim. But 2 days before Valentine's Day, he finds that she's cheating on him with someone called "The Ricker" leaving poor Trips devastated. With the help of a kind-hearted student/exotic dancer named Ivy, Trips sends Kim a nasty breakup letter along with a photo of the topless pair and a little something extra inside. The next morning, Trips finds out -- via phone message -- that "The Ricker" is a dog Kim is watching for a friend sending him into a panic and, with Ivy at his side, he does everything he can to stop the letter. Unfortunately, it's not that easy with many miles to drive and a delivery man who won't let anything stand in his way of getting the package to it's final destination...and with time to spare. Will Trips make it to Kim and the letter in time or is he finding himself falling for Ivy instead?

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