The Bullfighters
Release: January 01, 1945
Release: January 01, 1945

The Bullfighters is Laurel and Hardy's last Hollywood film appearence where the boys are Peoria detectives visiting Mexico. Stan became a wonderful Bullfighter. But there were gangsters who were threatening the boys to be skeletons. And they were, Resulting a gag from "Going Bye-Bye!" Cast: Stan Laurel as Himself/Don Sebastian Oliver Hardy as Himself Walter Long as Richard K. Muldoon Film Studio: 20th Century Fox MPAC Rating: G (General Audiences) Color: Black and White

Hot Shot Coleman: "Boys, If you take my advice, You will never cross his path. Because he told that if he ever sees you again, He is going to skin you alive. He said "First the little guy, Then the big guy! He will skin you both alive!" If you are smart enough, You better get out of town, Because Richard K. Muldoon is like an elephant, He never forgets."
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Oliver Hardy: "The bull wouldn't hurt a fly."
Stan Laurel: "Yeah, But I am not a fly."
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Stan Laurel: "You know what, Ollie?"
Oliver Hardy: "What?"
Stan Laurel: "(Voice breaksdown) I don't to be just a skeleton."
Oliver Hardy: "Don't worry, We will find a way so we won't be skeleton."
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Richard K. Muldoon: "THOSE NUMBSKULLS RUINED MY LIFE! I had to flea to New Mexico to start life new. But once, I get to these guys, And I do catch them, I am going to skin them alive. First the little guy, then the big guy. I will skin them both alive."
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Oliver Hardy: "(In the final shot as they are both skeletons) "Well, Here's Another Nice Mess You've Gotten Me Into!""
Stan Laurel: "(whining in a high-pitched voice) "But I couldn't Help it, You always picked on me!""
Oliver Hardy: ""Come on! Let's go back to Peoria where we belong!""
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