Sons of the Desert
Release: January 01, 1933
Release: January 01, 1933

Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy goes on to the convention in Chicago. Oliver told the wives that they went to Honolulu for Oliver Hardy's health, Instead they just sneak to the convention. Cast: Stan Laurel as Sons member Oliver Hardy as Sons member Charlie Chase as Sons member ? as the singer of "Honolulu baby" Studio: Hal Roach (Released by Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer) Sound: Mono (Western Electric System) Color Format: Black and White MPAC Rating: G (General Audience)

Oliver Hardy: "Why didn't you want to take the oath?"
Stan Laurel: "I was afraid."
Oliver Hardy: "Afraid of what?"
Stan Laurel: "Well, If I use the oath to go to the convention, Maybe my wife wouldn't let me go."
Oliver Hardy: "Of course she will let you go. Why she'll have to let you go."
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Oliver Hardy: "If I have to go to Honolulu alone, He is going with me!"
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Oliver Hardy: "Why did you get veterinarian?"
Stan Laurel: "Well, I didn't think his religion wouldn't make any differences."
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