Pirates Of The Caribbean: On Stranger Tides
Release: May 20, 2011
Release: May 20, 2011

A man is rescued from the ocean off the Spanish coast and brought to King Ferdinand of Spain where he claims to be a crewmate of Juan Ponce de León who disappeared 200 years ago searching for the Fountain of Youth. After a failed attempt to rescue his first mate, Joshamee Gibbs, from execution in London, Captain Jack Sparrow is brought before King George II. The king asks Jack to guide an expedition to locate the Fountain of Youth, before King Ferdinand and the Spanish Navy locate it. Captain Hector Barbossa, now a privateer, and sporting a peg leg, is captaining the expedition, though only requires Sao Feng’s navigational charts, rather than Jack. Jack escapes, meeting his father, Captain Teague, who tells Jack that the Fountain requires a ritual to use. Jack learns an impersonator is recruiting pirates for another expedition. The imposter is Angelica, Jack’s former lover, and daughter of the legendary Blackbeard. He soon finds that the two are also after the fountain, and the battle is on to stop the nefarious plans the two have for its abuse.

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