Heaven Can Wait
Release: June 28, 1978
Release: June 28, 1978

Joe Pendelton, played by Warren Beatty, is a quarterback for the L.A. Rams until he is in a car accident and is almost killed. An over-anxious angle takes him to heaven only to find out it wasn't his time to die. Pendelton's body is cremated though so he must find a new body on earth. He ends up occupying a millionaire's body who was murdered by his wife and her lover, his accountant. Their are shocked to see him still alive. As the millionaire, Joe buys the L.A. Rams and inserts himself as starting quarterback to finish the task of leading them to the Super Bowl. All the players are weary of this guy leading their team, but soon find out he can play. One of Joe's coaches figures out its him come back as the millionaire and they renew their friendship. Joe also finds a love interest in Betty Logan. Right before the big game Joe is killed again by the accountant and leaves the millionaire's body. He was not ready to go and begs to be brought back so he can continue his relationship with Betty and win the big game. He ends up taking the body of the backup quarterback who got badly injured in the game and Joe leads the team to victory. He has no memory of his old life now and has to start a new relationship with Betty as they leave together at the end.

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