The Pest
Release: February 07, 1997
Release: February 07, 1997

What kind of freakazoid would let someone hunt him just to collect $50,000? Next question. Pestario (Pest to his friends) is a Miami con man who turns everything he sees into a scam. Unfortunately, he also owes the Scottish Mob $50,000. While at a festival with friends, Gustav, a man who hunts people is at the same festival looking for his next target. Because of a mix-up, Pest is chosen to be the target. After being taken to Gustavs' private island, Pest learns that if he can survive for 24 hours, he will collect his money. Humor ensues from the private island to the non-stop party streets of Miami where Pest keeps changing identities to stay ahead of Gustav and stay alive long enough to get his cash.

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