The Baby-Sitters Club
Release: August 18, 1995

This film is about 7 friends, whose babysitting business leads to one adventure after another. When tomboy Kristy, president of The Baby-Sitters Club, has a brilliant idea to run a summer day camp, the girls all agree it's the perfect way to spend their summer, together! But life gets complicated as budding romance, family problems and a trio of scheming snobs all conspire to ruin the club. The BSC gang learn for themselves the amazing power of friendship. Melanie Mayron directs from the adapted script by Dalene Young ('Cross Creek'; 'Is There Life Out There?'); Based on elements from the three books originated from Ann M. Martin's Scholastic book series.

Suzi Barrett: "I've been to the moon."
Logan: "I said give her a flower not squirt her with one!"
Mary Anne: "I'm not going to cry."
Kristy: "He's a free dweeb! Alan"
Gray: "Yeah, I'm a free dweeb"
Jessi: "Stacey, how was your date with Luca?"
Stacey: "Smashing..."
Mallory: "Wow... we could buy a car!"
Jessi: "Yeah, and in five years we could drive it!"
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