Class Reunion
Release: October 29, 1982
Release: October 29, 1982

National Lampoon's Class Reunion (sometimes called Class Reunion) is a 1982 comedy film, directed by Michael Miller and written by John Hughes. The movie stars Stephen Furst, Gerrit Graham, Anne Ramsey, Jacklyn Zeman, and Michael Lerner. The film was a critical and box office flop. Tagline: No class has less class than this class! It is 1982 and Lizzie Borden High School is host to the tenth-year reunion of the class of 1972. Their fun is murderously interrupted by the psychotic Walter Baylor who bears a grudge against his former classmates for a prank committed against him ten years ago. The motley crew of '72 set out to uncover who amongst them is committing the killings. Chuck Berry cameos, playing some of his rock 'n' roll hits.

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