Splitting Heirs
Release: January 01, 1993
Release: January 01, 1993

In this story written by Eric Idle of "Monty Python" fame, Tommy Patel (played by Idle) was an average man living in West London with a Hindi family. An American by the name of Henry Bullock (Rick Moranis) visits from New York and he and Tommy have a night on the town, leading to Tommy's firing. When the 14th Duke dies from falling off of his yacht, brought upon by the family curse, Henry becomes the 15th Duke and hires Tommy back, but after attending the former 14th Duke's funeral, Tommy learns from Mrs. Patel that he was adopted after accidentally being left behind in a restaurant as a baby, and that he's the real Duke! Tommy searches for evidence to prove his birthright and has an affair with a beautiful model named Kitty (Catherine Zeta-Jones). When Tommy finds out that Kitty is Henry's fiancée, Tommy attempts to do away with Henry in order to claim his rightful position as the 15th Duke.

Henry Bullock: "Someone get me out of this moose!"
Tommy: "That lucky bastard!"
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