Unaccompanied Minors
Release: December 06, 2006

Spencer and Katherine Davenport along with their children are in for an exciting holiday season, they are all flying to Pennsylvania to spend the season with their father. Soon, however, a blizzard grounds all airplanes and cancels all flights, and the children become left alone at the airport in the UM(Unaccompanied Minors) Room where they meet a few new children, Charlie the loud-mouth, Donna, a sensitive girl, the snotty Grace and the mysterious Beef. Left with nowhere to go and nothing to do, all the kids realize they may spend this Christmas causing a ruckus in an empty airport!

Beef: "I want a Christmas tree."
Farmer: "How about that one?"
Beef: "What do I look like, freaking Charlie Brown?!"
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Valerie: "Some of these M&M's are defective. Like half of them are W's."
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Beef: "So, we're going to the lodge?"
Mr. Porter: "Well, I think I have the answer to your question. Are you out of your juice drinking little minds?!"
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Security Guard: "Ma'am are you unaccompanied?"
Grace: "Yeah, I'm single. Who wants to know?"
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Spencer: "Table for one in the "No silly little sisters" section."
Waitress: "Aren't you a little young to be eating alone?"
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