Pokémon: The Movie 2000
Release: July 21, 1999

The internationally popular toy, comic book, and video game characters who stormed the big screen in Pokemon: The First Movie are back in this Japanese anime feature. Lawrence III, who collects the elusive creatures known as Pokemon, will become the greatest Pokemon trainer on Earth if he can capture and tame Lugia, a huge Pokemon of the sea. Lugia's powers are so great that they could destroy the world if they fell into the wrong hands, so lead trainer Ash and his friends must stop Lawrence's dangerous quest before it's too late. Pokemon the Movie: 2000 was originally released in Japan in 1999 under the title Poketto monsutaa: Maboroshi no Pokemon X: Lugia Bakudan, which translates as "Pocket Monsters The Movie: The Phantom Pokemon: Lugia's Explosive Birth." The U.S. release of Pokemon the Movie: 2000 was paired with a short subject, Pikachu's Rescue Adventure.

Jessie: "Prepare for trouble, you know what we mean!"
James: "Make it double, we're on the big screen!"
Ash: "No thanks, I think I'll catch this on video."
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James: "This feels like a sequel to a movie we missed!"
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pikachu: "pika pika pikachu -pikachu"
Ash: "Pikachu, that's Zapdos. -Ash"
Slowking: "Slowking: "I need pants." -Slowking"
Ash: "Right now I wish my Mom would have named me Bob, instead of Ash -Ash"
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