Sports goofy in soccermania
Release: January 01, 1987

Like many "Duck Tales" episodes, the short does have a moral (don't cheat), though the cartoon is never too sappy and it remains amusing throughout. Huey, Lewie, and Dewey come to Uncle Scrooge asking him to sponsor their team by buying a trophy for $1.49. Scrooge, outraged by the hefty price tag, instead gives the three nephews an old, dusty trophy. It turns out that the trophy is worth millions of dollars, and when Scrooge finds out he goes beserk. He asks the nephews for it back and they say he has to sponsor the winning team in order to get the trophy. So he's forced to sponsor their soccer team, which is made up of the three nephews and several other cartoony animals (possibly from "Bedknobs and Broomsticks"). Sport Goofy in turn is the coach of their team. But the plot thickens when the Beagle Boys decide to get the trophy by entering the soccer competition. They win various games and get up to the final game between them and the nephews' team. To ensure that they can cheat without the helpless nephews being able to do anything, the Beagle Boys kidnap Sport Goofy and tie him up. Goofy gets untied with a knife, comes to the soccer game, and saves the day, while Scrooge gets his trophy back. Another thing to keep your eyes open for is a cameo by a prototype of Roger Rabbit ("Who Framed Roger Rabbit" came out in 1988). You'll see him in the cheering crowd with a bunch of other un-named animals.

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