Here Comes Peter Cottontail
Release: January 01, 1971
Release: January 01, 1971

Peter Cottontail wants to become the new chief Easter Bunny, and everyone in April Valley agrees...except for evil Irontail. Peter must deliver more eggs than his archrival to earn the top spot...and save Easter for children everywhere. Hop along with Peter and his best friend Seymore S. Sassafrass and Antoine the Worm as they race through time to overcome Irontail's terrible plans and restore the magic of Easter Sunday. An Easter classic for all ages!

Antoine: "We are falling! This is an outrageous situation!"
Mr. Sassafrass: "Peter was just a young whippersnapper--sort of a--junior Easter Bunny."
Mr. Sassafrass and his hat: "Mr. Sassafrass: "You've never heard of Peter Cottontail?" Great chattering chick-chicks! They've never heard of Peter Cottontail!" The Hat: "They've never heard of Peter Cottontail?" -Mr. Sassafrass and his hat"
Irontail: "Well, when it comes to delivering eggs, Peter Cottontail is...real squeamish carrots to...January Q. Irontail. -Irontail"
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