The Elm Chanted Forest
Release: January 01, 1986
Release: January 01, 1986

An evil force is out to destroy the forest--somebody's got to help save the animals. And Peter Palette is just the one to do it. "Elm-chanted" by a magical tree, Peter is now gifted with the ability to talk to the animals. When he learns of the evil plot by Cactus King to turn the forest into a desert, Peter is the only one who can warn the animals and stop the devastation. When artist Peter Palette falls asleep under the enormous elm that is the spirit of the forest, he acquires magical powers, including the ability to talk to animals. He learns from them that the evil Emperor Spine, a cactus, is planning to reduce the forest to a desert. Spine burns down a large section of the woods and floods a lot more of it by annoying King Neptune, but all the damage somehow vanishes. Peter decides that Spine is unhappy because he's never been able to fulfill his nature and blossom; he slips the Emperor a magic potion that causes him to burst into bloom, and all ends happily.

Baron Burr: "....The hopes of cactus king will flower. -Baron Burr"
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