Pokémon: Destiny Deoxys
Release: January 01, 2004
Release: January 01, 2004

A mysterious meteorite heads towards the Earth and severely injures the sky warrior Pokemon Rayquaza. The warrior who lives in the ozone layer fights a mysterious creature that comes out of the meteorite, which turns out to be the Pokemon Deoxys, and defeats it sending it plummeting into the ocean and leaving behind a second egg. The egg is taken in by a group of scientists for research. Four years later, Ash and his friends are making a visit to La'Rousse City for the Battle Tower, when Ash meets up with a kid named Tori who is scared of Pokemon after witnessing the four-year-old battle. A fully healed Deoxys soon comes out of the ocean and begins searching the city for its mate which is still being held by the scientists. At the same time, Rayquaza returns and the city's high-tech security robots are malfunctioning due to the electrical pulses from Deoxys. The film was released to Japanese theaters in 2004 and premiered on Kids WB! on January 22, 2005 before it was released to DVD.

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