Desperately Seeking Susan
Release: March 29, 1985

Taken-for-granted housewife Roberta passes the time following the progress of Susan who regularly contacts her boyfriend Jim through the Personals. When she sees the two are meeting in New York Roberta goes along, ending up buying Susan's coat. Finding a locker key in the pocket she in turn advertises for a meeting with Susan. Jim sends his projectionist pal along to see what is going on, and when Roberta knocks herself out he assumes she is Susan. Then things start to get complicated

Gary: "Roberta can't be a prostitute. She doesn't even like sex that much. It's impossible."
Jim: "You were with this guy?"
Susan: "He was breathing when I left."
Gary: "What are you wearing?"
Roberta: "A jacket. It used to belong to Jimi Hendrix."
Gary: "You bought a used jacket? What are we, poor?"
Gary: "Are you a lesbian? Leslie says that nine out of ten prostitutes are lesbians."
Roberta: "Gary, you're not listening to me. I'm not a prostitute or a lesbian!"
Cigarette Girl: "Susan! My God, we thought you were dead."
Susan: "No, just in New Jersey."
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