Bad Dreams
Release: January 01, 1988
Release: January 01, 1988

The "ultimate joining" for the mid-1970's cult known as Unity Fields ends in a horrific fire leaving mass casualities...except for young Cynthia. After 13 years in a coma, she awakens with no knowledge of the tragic incident and enters into the hospital's therapy group. Suddenly, things turn scary when visions of Unity leader Harris haunt Cynthia and her fellow patients start dying one by one in violent forms of suicide. Could it be suicide? Or is Harris returning from the dead to claim his final "love child"? Cast of Characters Jennifer Rubin....Cynthia Bruce Abbott....Dr. Alex Karmen Richard Lynch....Harris Dean Cameron....Ralph Harris Yulin....Dr. Berrisford Susan Barnes....Connie John Scott Clough....Victor E.G. Daily....Lana Damita Jo Freeman....Gilda Louis Giambalvo....Ed Susan Ruttan....Miriam Sy Richardson....Detective Wasserman Missy Francis....Young Cynthia m.

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