Friday the 13th Part VIII: Jason Takes Manhattan
Release: July 28, 1989
Release: July 28, 1989

Paramount found out that the well had gone dry after releasing this film. In Part 8, Jason finds himself ressurected again by haphazard teens trying to get their freak on. It's no wonder why he tears these kids apart, can't anyone just leave him to rest in peace? Well evidently not as a powerful surge from an underwater electrical cable tears on an anchor, and shocks Jason back to his pissing mad self again. This time, he's so flipping angry at these meddling teenagers from ressurecting that he follows them to what he believes to be their source when he stowes away on a cruise ship which sails from local waters to Manhatten Island. Once there he proceeds to dispatch of every teen he thinks is responsible for his rude awakening, and he even throws in a few cocky New Yorkers for extra credit. This one should be called "Friday The 13th Part VIII: Jason on a Boat for 70 mins. then he in NYC for like 20 mins."

Mr. McCullogh: "Walking corpses are not real."
Julius: "But these bodies are. I say we find this mother f***** before he finds us."
Rennie: "There's a maniac out there trying to kill us."
Waitress: "Welcome to New York."
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