Teen Titans Go! See Space Jam
Release: June 20, 2021
Release: June 20, 2021

The Nerdlucks of 1996's movie 'Space Jam' has arrived in Jump City for a new attempt: replace DC's Sidekick team. Enhanced for Cartoon Network, the Teen Titans have a watch party which featured comments, butt shots countage, play-by-play scribbles and pauses for story elements. A Warner Bros. Animation presentation OAD: June 20, 2021

Starfire: "Friends look! It is the Santy Claus. Ho ho ho ho!"
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Raven: "(seeing a golf ball go to the golf hole by Bugs's magnet.) Hey since when are golf balls mangetic?"
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Tweety: "Feed me! Feed me!"
Sylvester: "Feed you? Feed me!"
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Foghorn Leghorn: "Did you order original recipe or extra crispy?"
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Lola: "Don't ever call me doll."
Starfire: "[pauses the movie] She is not the consumer product!"
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Beast Boy: "Whoa! There's my man Bugs!"
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Bugs Bunny: "Yes?"
Lola Bunny: "Don't ever call me doll."
Starfire: "[pauses the movie and shows Lola Bunny dolls] Indeed. She is not one of these. Or these. Or any of these."
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Bugs Bunny: "[When he goes "Un momento.", Bugs dressed up as soldier in a spoof (Patriotic music replaces James Newton Howard's composition); pause for…]"
Cyborg: ""Cyborg's Fun Fact": This scene is a reference to the 1970 movie 'Patton', which won Best Picture. But did you know which 2018 movie should have won Best Picture?"
Title: "[the title design for 2018's 'Teen Titans Go! To the Movies' zooms in-and-out like blares; movie resumes]"
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