The Adventures of Elmo in Grouchland
Release: October 01, 1999
Release: October 01, 1999

In this movie adoption of "Sesame Street", Elmo loses his beloved blanket in Oscar the Grouch's trashcan, so he must go to Grouchland to get it back. Unfortunately, the greedy Huxley steals it, along with many other things belonging to the Grouches. Elmo must go an quest to Huxley's castle to return everything, while the rest of the Sesame Street gang look for Elmo himself.

Ernie: "(looks right at the movie screen and sees the audience) Hi there everybody welcome to the movie, hey we're so glad you came!"
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ELMO: "Stop Telly That's Elmo's Blanket"
ZOE: "Elmo?"
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COOKIE MONSTER: "Me Having A Bad Cookie Day."
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Grover: "It looks like a job for Su- [audience helps shouting his "Super Grover" name] -per Grover"
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MR. JOHNSON: "Uh Waiter."
GROVER: "Be Right Second Sir."
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TELLY MONSTER: "I Can't Stop!!!!"
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ELMO: "Hi Telly!"
TELLY MONSTER: "Hello! (Both Screaming)"
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