Garfield: His Nine Lives
Release: January 01, 1988
Release: January 01, 1988

The surly feline plays multiple roles recalling his nine lives, ranging from "Cave Cat" to "Space Cat". Filled with loads of fun and laughter, this feature will sweep you off your feet!

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Garfield: "My survival sounds like a job for O. D. I. E., my Operations Data Index Element. It's the smartest machine in the galaxy."
Garfield: "My third life was my favorite. My body grew old, but I never, never, never grew up. -Garfield"
Cameraman: "Cut! Stunt cat!" (the old cat leaves as Garfield comes in) "Eee-action!" (a giant bundle of blocks fall on him) "That's a rap! -Cameraman"
Jester: "Frrrrrrrreddy, if you plee-ase! -Jester"
Garfield: "2000 BC was a good year to be a cat in Egypt. We were revered, even worshipped. Ah, for the good ole days. -Garfield"
Jester: ""Your Majestyyyyyy! Your Majestrrrrrrrress! For your listening pleasure this evening, it is my pleasure to present Frrrrrreddy and his chamber quartet who will play for you an original concerto. Also we hope--pardon--that uh, auspicious occasion. Frrrrrr -Jester"
Jester and HAndel: "Jester: "Ah well, if we can't enjoy an concerto tonight, you'll have fun at the execution!" Handel: "Execution?" Jester: "There's an echo again!" -Jester and HAndel"
Garfield (seeing a candle of dynamite, then picking it up): "Huh? Wonder what this is?" (throwing the dynamite away) "Oh well, whatever it is, it probably hasn't been invented yet." (explosion) "Then again, what do I know? -Garfield (seeing a candle of dynamite, then picking it up)"
Junior: "Oooh, shucks! I don't see any surprise around here! Oooh, sometimes that Blackbart makes me so maaad! -Junior"
Jester and Handel: "Jester: "Fugue? Fugue, you say? This is a very important occasion! George is expecting a concerto, don't you know?" Handel: "A concerto?" Jester: "Is there an echo? That's right, Captain! He's expecting a concerto!" -Jester and Handel"
Garfield: "Giddy up, you doggies! Time's wasting! -Garfield"
Garfield: "Garfield the new born kitten is getting ready to rub up against his first leg. On my mark--get set---rub up! -Garfield"
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