Zombi 2
Release: November 30, 1979
Release: November 30, 1979

Also known as Zombie Flesh Eaters in the UK or Zombie in the US. After a abandoned yacht is found in a New York Harbor, two of the Harbour Patrol officers find a decomposing living corpse and are attacked. One of the men is killed and the other kills the corpse. After the inscodent a woman named Anne Bowels is questioned about the boat (since it belonged to her father) but only knows that her father is conducting research on a forgein island. Reporter, Peter West, is also out to get the story on the mysterious boat and meets Anne. They desided to investagate together after finding a note a boat giving detailed information where Anne's father is. They are joined Brian Hull and Susan Barrett who are hired to take Anne and Peter on a boat to the island of Matool. After getting to the island they find the terrors of the living dead! Directed by Lucio Fulci. This film is also well known for being one of Great Britian's many Video Nastys. This caused certain scenes in the film to be edited out until 2005 when the BBFC (British Board of Film Classification) to finally be released uncut. In the US both Anchor Bay and Media Blasters release versions of Zombi 2, however Media Blasters had the true uncut versions on it’s DVD.

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