Sunday Bloody Sunday
Release: May 01, 1971
Release: May 01, 1971

A mature detailed look at the complexities of love set in 1971 London. First, there's Alex - a modern upwardly mobile working-class woman whose love and affections for Bob - an artist - complicate matters in her life. Secondly, there's Dr. Daniel Hirsh - a gay middle-aged successful doctor with a thriving medical practice who also displays love and affections for Bob - which are not always reciprocated when Daniel wishes. Finally, there's Bob himself, a young charismatic artist who loves both Alex and Daniel equally, but often neglects one to satisfy the other. This film explores in depth the issues, feelings, frustrations, and joys of all three, with a non-chalant attitude about not only the homosexuality displayed, but also the care-free attitudes of Bob as he floats from one partner to the other. A masterpiece of a film from the late John Schlesinger that was groundbreaking in its day - with many themes still relevant today.

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