A Wobots Christmas
Release: September 28, 2004

A Wobots Christmas (also known as Roboty in Poland or just simply Wobots) is a CG-animated Christmas special. It is by far one of the most bizarre and obscure CG children movies of all time. The plot centers around Zak, an orphan boy with a lisp, which meets a robot named PD-3 and they go on an adventure saving the said orphanage from an evil cyborg named DeMoto. Due to the fact that the movie remains unknown by many, it was never brought to a public coverage, but few people that saw it think it's very obscure and too creepy for little children. A rumor goes that A Wobots Christmas was just an animation test for Hoodwinked.

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Shinyman 5000: "Après Vous. That's German."
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Shinyman 5000: "[from the trailer] I'm the Shinyman 5000! I performed heart surgery on the president. I invented chopsticks."
Zak: "You did not."
Shinyman 5000: "I do speak French. ¿Cómo está?"
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Commodore: "Well rust ma rotors."
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DeMoto: "[to Robothugs] Hey! Watch the merchandise, bucketheads! You break it, you buy it!"
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DeMoto: "What're you still doing here?!"
Robothug: "Huh? I thought I'd stay here help you with the heavy stuff."
DeMoto: "Hmm. Well thank you, Steve."
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Robothug #1: "The weather out here is frightful."
Robothug #2: "Nah. What a snow."
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BIP: "Bip!"
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Anchorman: "More toys go missing is the mystery bandit robs yet on another store. If the culprit not found soon, It could mean a blue Christmas for children everywhere."
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Clerk: "405?"
Shinyman 5000: "Right here!"
Clerk: "Sit down! I'm not gonna say it again."
Shinyman 5000: "Okay!"
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PD-3: "Hurt this boy all you want! [panting] But hands off me! Wait a minute! Strike that! Reverse it!"
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Shinyman 5000: "Hello! I'm Shinyman 5000 from Tonkatron. The latest in butler technology. an unparalleled marvel in customer satisfaction."
PD-3: "If you're here so great, what are you doing in here for?"
Shinyman 5000: "Tragic mistake. My consumer reported structural instability. Not true I'm fit as a fiddle! [his right arm dropped off] I'll get that detachable limbs for easy storage."
Zak: "Your foot is on backwards."
Shinyman 5000: "No, no! Special rotating ankle design. [his left foot rotates and took off] Uh... did you know I can change a lightbulb in 4 seconds?"
Zak: "Really?"
Shinyman 5000: "I performed heart surgery on the president and I invented chopsticks."
Zak: "You did not."
Shinyman 5000: "Well, I do speak French. ¿Cómo está?"
PD-3: "I'm pretty sure that's Spanish."
Shinyman 5000: "So, what are you in for?"
PD-3: "I'm broken, just like you."
Shinyman 5000: "Shinyman is never broken."
Zak: "Just in total denial."
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